Top 5 Reasons To Sell Your Current Home and Build New

If you were thinking about selling your current home and upgrading to a new one, but are unsure, this is why it’s smart to say goodbye to your current home. 

5. Mortgage Rates Are Still Low

Take advantage of the lower rates. Currently the average fixed mortgage rate for a thirty year loan is just above three percent.

4. Your Floor Plan Is Dated

If you have an older home, you probably have a dated floor plan.  Do you have a formal living room that hardly gets used? A small kitchen space? Do you need a home office, media room, or a room to home school? Do you need a floor plan that is open and flows with your lifestyle? 


3. High Maintenance and Insurance Costs

If you have an older home, you most likely may have some major areas that need attention to protect your investment.  You may need to replace your roof and air conditioner soon, update flooring, kitchen, and bathrooms. The exterior may be a little tired. Buying a brand-new home will include warranties to cover those items for years to come. A quality builder will only build with impact windows and doors which could save you hundreds on your homeowners insurance  every year and lower your energy costs. Building a new home may be more cost efficient than remodeling your current home.

2. Make A Profit 

Depending on when you purchased your current home, the size, and the value of your home, depends on how much of a profit you will make when selling. By selling now in today's market conditions and using that equity towards your new home, you can potentially have a brand new home without a monthly mortgage payment increase.

1. Upgrade Your Biggest Investment

Tired of carpet? Bored of old cabinetry? Wish you had wood look tile,  brand new appliances, and countertops? Is your home too big or too small? If you’re ready to upgrade, building new is a great option so you can make your home just the way you’d like with just the amount of space you need.

If you’re ready to buy a new home, our home upgrading experts at The Home Team can help. Contact us today and ask about our Home Upgrade Program.

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